Saturday, April 6, 2013

Autism Speaks

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I am excited and proud to share that for the first time I will be participating in the Autism Speaks walk this Sunday to raise awareness! My son Brenden Shaun, if you guys didn't already know was diagnosed with Autism by the time he was 2 years of age. I am usually very positive and open about it with other parents, mostly moms I meet while in therapy sessions but noticed I have not really shared it openly with everyone that I know or consider a friend. I created a web page in hopes to share information that might be useful to other families as donations to raise awareness for such a complex disorder.

To be quite honest I can't complain. Brenden has been nothing but a blessing to my family. He has opened up my mind and eyes to see things from another perspective motivating me to choose a positive reaction. After all they do say it isn't always what you see but how you react to what you see that will result in your outcome. I remember my sister was in high school studying autism in psychology class and mentioning some things to me as well as my mother telling me that she felt something wasn't right. I had the choice right then there to react as most of us parents would..... DEFENSIVE!!! I remember having a few explanations (excuses). He stayed at home with me. Wasn't really exposed to other children, which may have cause the speech delay. He always responded to me and my simple commands but only baby spoke til one day he just didn't really speak that either. I remember thinking to myself well I know my sister LOVES me. I know my Mother loves me and well they wouldn't want to intentionally hurt me, so what if they really do see something and they are just sharing to help me. Often when you are the one in the situation it's kind of hard to see things from the outside view. So anyway, one day after long thinking I made the decision to do an evaluation online, myself. Now a days you can do just about anything online. I searched Google and came across a test and sure enough right before my eyes Chumbi (Brenden) fell under the Autism Spectrum Disorder. I of course immediately do what I know how to do best and that's find a solution to the situation and went with my information to the pediatrician for further assistance.

Of course from there we went to Neurologist. Now Brenden was 18 months old when all this came to light. So it wasn't til he was 24 months (2yrs) and genetics/chromosome testing which was all negative, that the Neurologist and I decided Brenden would be labeled Autistic anyway. Now I am not going to lie and I will admit that for a slight moment I felt sad, (I guess would be the best word to describe), that my son was Autistic and there were all these new things we had to adjust too and all these possibilities like being non-verbal and struggle with fine motor, etc... but I was reminded quickly that it's my reaction to the situation that is going to count in the end so what was I going to do?!? Yep!!! What I know how to do oh so well and that is come up with a solution to the situation because I choose not to see it as a problem. (How could any of my children be a problem to me) Brenden goes to Physical, Occupational/ OT Aquatics, Speech and Behavioral Therapy. It's been a long way I must say worth every milestone challenge. He is now 4 years of age and is starting to imitate verbal sounds and often sings a long. He is saying Mama, Dada and Hi clearly now. Words can't express how happy I am that I get to share time with him more often. Before he was always into his own thing and well WOW! I am honored that he gives me time and is willing to share time with others as well.

All I can say is that I learn so much from him every day! That only means more wisdom! I trust in my LORD JESUS and I know that he LOVES me so much and wouldn't give me anything in life to handle that would be a burden. He trust me with my little angel Brenden Shaun. I choose to see this as a way of growing and being one step ahead. The more I know the better right!?!? All that matters is guiding and loving Brenden. Jesus can worry about the rest. This is why I decided to really be true to myself, to my life and share with you all in hopes I can help others become more aware. I decided to actually be his voice and become an advocate for him. I am walking tomorrow proudly to raise Autism Awareness!!!


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